Daily Wisdom: The day the world changed

The sweltering heat is oppressive. All movement is impossible. Everything is considered. Time stands still as the world burns around me. Foyle’s War plays in the background. The noise is a welcome distraction from the thoughts in my head.

Where to from here? Have the last ten years been wasted? Steve Jobs spoke of not being able to connect the dots until after you have been through. That you can’t connect the dots until after all things have passed. And that sometimes you have to let things go to see the future.

All those things Steve Jobs said have reigned true. It is only now that I can connect the dots. It is only now that I can say that no experience has been wasted. That all the dots have been connected. That the path I am travelling is right. And that the projects lined up for this consultancy in 2014 are in the right direction.

The line-up of projects will take this consultancy in new directions this coming year. Stay tuned to aflatmajor.com over the next few days as the official press releases come out.

(C) 2014 by Christopher McLeod for Aflatmajor.com

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