Daily Wisdom: Solitude

The hardest person to be with is yourself. Legendary speaker Joel Osteen regularly discusses needing to like yourself. Of course, Osteen doesn’t mean this in a kind of Narcissus way. The idea of staring relentlessly into a mirror doesn’t exactly appeal to me. Or many others for that fact.

The idea of spending time alone is an important one. Having to spend time with yourself gives an important insight into who you really are. When there is no one else to converse with, when there is no one else to blame, the real self-analysis can take place. There is time then to think about what you’re actually thinking about. And how it is affecting things.

Thoughts and words can poison our lives. The power of positive thinking is never enough on its own. However, it does help to think more positively about a situation. Looking at the aspects of any situation that can be changed and the creative solutions that can be applied help create a more structured solution to life’s roadblocks.

Solitude performs the important function of recharging the mind and senses. It allows us to take time out from a busy world to recharge our coping abilities and get ready to continue in the day to day lives we live. Take some time out a head to a physical place on your own. Do some thinking about the things that really make you tick.

(C) 2014 by Christopher McLeod for Aflatmajor.com

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