Daily Wisdom: The importance of integrity

Integrity is one of the most important characteristics we can nurture in ourself and others. The idea of doing what you say you will strikes a very important professional balance. This is as important in a professional setting as it is in a private one.

What does integrity really mean and what does it look like? Integrity means working to create excellence in everything that you do. It means to never settle for less the best results that can be achieved. And it means never giving up even when the outcome seems like certain defeat.

However, life often provides an easy way out. The path that many have travelled. It is wide, easy to walk along. The narrow path is hard. Not many have travelled it. The challenges and obstacles are numerous. The end result is rewarding.

Maintaining a sense of self and balance are difficult when the fog of battle are all around in the everyday challenges of life. Remembering core values and beliefs will enhance your ability to maintain integrity throughout daily life.

(C) 2014 by Christopher McLeod for Aflatmajor.com

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