Daily Wisdom: The fruit of our toil

The morning light is dim. Through the window sits a rich yellow flower. Dark green foliage crowns the rich yellow flower. Morning dew leaves a silver effervescence across the leaves of the foliage.

Months have passed since the small zucchini seedling was first planted. Each day it is watered, fed, nurtured. It begins to grow. The seedling becomes a plant. Flowers appear. Pollination occurs. Soon a tiny zucchini appears. It increases in size each day. Soon it is a full sized zucchini. Ripe, rich for the taking.

The morning light is dim. A new flower has appeared. The carer sees it through the window. A camera is found to take the shot. One perfect moment. Just an hour later the flower begins to fade. Soon after, it has wilted. Pollinated and ready to become a new vegetable.

(C) 2014 by Christopher McLeod for Aflatmajor.com

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