Daily Wisdom: The Buffet and Hutch

The unit had finally made it to its destination. The truck reversed up to the residence. Upon opening the doors of the truck, the emptiness inside struck me. We had hired a truck for a single buffet and hutch. It wasn’t much to look at. All I could see were the blankets protecting it from any scratches or other damage during transit. The blankets were held in place by the thin elasticated string that were also tied to the truck, stopping, hopefully, any further movement of breakage. That’s what I told myself.

The string was cut using scissors. It fell to the floor of the truck. From there the blankets were removed to reveal the piece. Even in dampened light all the qualities that originally endeared me to the unit were still there. The dark walnut staining gave the unit a rich patina. The unit arched in the centre reminding me of some old European castle or grand state house. The doors of the hutch are glass with bevelled woodwork creating rectangular sections within each of the three doors. More importantly, the glass is still perfectly intact.

Now the second blanket is removed revealing the buffet unit. It has that same rich walnut patina. I am falling in love with the unit all over again. Yet, the thought strikes me that this moment almost never was. Getting to this point involved one failed eBay attempt, and nearly three weeks planning to retrieve it.

It was two days before Christmas 2013. “I want to get a buffet and hutch” I say to my wife. She is not so sure of this idea as we live in a flat with relatively little room. A great culling would take place leading into new years eve to clear space for it. The unit looks perfect when I see it on eBay. By this stage I have been tearing my hair out looking for a piece that says something about who we are as a family. This is the piece. I know it… But I lose the bidding war online to another bidder who seemingly wants it more.

Two days later it has appeared online again. This time with a buy it now option. What do I do? Am I imagining the unit being up for sale again. I don’t hesitate this time. Proudly clicking the buy it now option, I am now the owner of a buffet and hutch. ” So how do we get it home?” My wife asks. “We’ll hire a truck” I tell her. So after negotiating with the owner, this is what we have done. After careful persistence, we now have a buffet and hutch unit against our wall.

(C) 2014 by Christopher McLeod for Aflatmajor.com

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