Daily Wisdom: MacGyver

Growing up, MacGyver was one of my favourite Television series. I would tune in each week to watch Richard Dean Anderson overcome new challenges. He was exactly like James Bond. Just no gun! In fact, he actually did impersonate James Bond in an early episode.

Each year I begin my annual Macgyverfest. Sometimes it can last weeks, sometimes months. It’s completely dependent on how busy my schedule is. I have been a little busier than usual this year and it has taken longer to get through all seven series.

There is one thing in particular that really inspires me when I watch MacGyver. Yes, there is the really catchy theme song. But it is more than that. MacGyver represents ingenuity at its finest. The ability of the lead character to overcome somewhat, and at times overwhelming scenarios has always inspired me.

Not giving in, in the face of adversity is a lesson that we can all draw on in life. Things don’t always go our way. How we react, and how critical our thinking is can often determine our end result. A key point of MacGyver is not panicking when the odds are stacked. Always cool, calm, and collected. That is how all of us should aim to be in difficult situations. And if all else fails, carry a Swiss Army knife, paper clip, and roll of duct tape.

(c) 2013 Christopher McLeod for Aflatmajor.com

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