Daily Wisdom: Procrastination

Procrastination! It’s every writer’s worst enemy. The click of the mouse on evermore distant internet subjects and the line: “I’ll get started after…” Not every one procrastinates. I do though!

Not starting or finishing a project became a hallmark that I did not want to be known for when I was younger. I decided to change that part of me. How did I achieve this?

There were two key strategies:

One.) I actually logged out of Facebook. Considering my love for the social media networking site and its importance to what I do, this wasn’t so easy.

Two.) I wrote a list of to do tasks that I wanted to achieve that day.

So, let’s discuss:

Disengaging from Facebook gave me time to clear my mind. I also turned my phone off for some time. A clear mind is able to focus on the tasks that it needs to achieve. But the more important of the two aforementioned strategies was the list writing exercise.

Writing a list gave me time to prioritise what was most important during my day. I’m a dinosaur when it comes to organisation. I prefer using a paper based diary as it doesn’t rely on batteries and I can draw, write, colour, etc. in any fashion I wish. And more importantly, it won’t lose your data if it crashes or needs a factory reset.

Once my tasks were written, I could focus on what needed to be done during the day. I worked through ticking those that were complete. Not every day was as fruitful as the next or previous. Some tasks were carried over to the following day. They were then subsequently completed.

An important point to note: Writing a to do list can become another form of procrastination. Writing tasks down merely identifies them. I learnt that you need to prioritise the most important ones and then act on them. Like anything in life, it is the person that acts towards and builds their dreams that achieves what they set out to do.

(c) 2013 Christopher McLeod for Aflatmajor.com

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