Morgan Freeman on God, President Barack Obama, and Bruce Almighty

By Christopher McLeod

National Public Radio’s (NPR) Michel Martin has a lesson in wisdom from the man who played God when she speaks to actor Morgan Freeman.

Morgan Freeman played God. His interview with National Public Radio’s (NPR) Michel Martin on the segment Tell me more, is an illuminating picture into the man, his life, and his thoughts on more contemporary issues such as the presidency of Barack Obama.

Freeman sat down with the Emmy award-winning Martin to promote his new movie The Magic of Belle Isle. The story focuses on a writer who is battling a problem with alcohol. Freeman discusses his own problem with drinking years earlier. Though, he believes that this did not affect him, as he was sober when working during the day.

But, as the interview progresses we learn that Freeman does not consider Obama to be the United States’ first black president. He jokingly refers to former president Bill Clinton as being the first. With a sharp wit and keen sense of wisdom, Freeman reminds listeners “Obama has a white mama.” And all too clearly, we are reminded that the fight for equality and civil rights is to an extent still occurring today.

Though Freeman once played God in the film Bruce Almighty, he does not consider himself to be wise. It is at the end of this interview that we get an insight into Morgan Freeman the man. His advice for people not to give up on their dreams, but to keep striving to achieve them.

Morgan Freeman might not be God. But that doesn’t mean that the knowledge he’s accumulated over the course of a lifetime isn’t divine wisdom. warmly welcomes your comments.

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