Sydney Symphony Sinfonia excerpts

My heart was in my mouth. It was the time before. And the time before that.

Every-time I do an orchestral audition, I get butterflies in my stomach. Especially when I open the excerpts package for the first time.

An excerpt package is a list and copy of all orchestral excerpts, that an organisation wishes potential musicians to play at an audition.

This time, the excerpts were for the Sydney Symphony Sinfonia audition coming up in early September. As I opened the pdf file, I was astonished to find that there was no set work.

A set work/set repertoire is a piece such as a concerto that, every potential musician is expected to play in addition to the set/required excerpts.

Astonishment turned to relief as I came to realise that the workload for the audition would be significantly less than previously thought. As a rule of thumb, each excerpt takes around ten hours to prepare.

The process of preparation takes into many different factors including: facets of the music and various environmental factors.

Tune in next time as A Flat Major explains the audition process. warmly welcomes your comments.

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