After a short Glee fuelled hiatus, A Flat Major returns.

When I was studying music back in 2006 I came up with the idea of writing a musical.

It was partially biographical, and a small part of the script was written as part of a composition assignment.

Unfortunately life is what happens to you whilst you’re busy making other plans.

Alas, I left the project in the freezer for some years.


This week I managed to watch Glee all the way through. Yes I know i’m a little slow.

Watching the show reignited some passion that I figured got lost along the way.

But it’s definitely still there. And it fuelled the desire to finally start my musical properly.


My wife Rachael and I were discussing the concept whilst sitting in a Pancake Parlour when we came up with the title.

Regrets, is the story of Jacqueline, Peter, Alex, and Christian.


At the beginning of the musical Jacqueline and Peter are a couple and Alex and Christian are a couple.

Jacqueline and Peter are having relationship issues. This is also the case for Alex and Christian.

But, both couples believe that their problems can be reconciled.

As the storyline progresses, the couples separate.

There are a number of fights and dramatic moments until Peter and Alex find each other one night.

Alone, distraught and broken Peter is lost. Alex sings sit with me and Peter’s perspective begins to change.


Meanwhile, both Christian and Jacqueline have calmed down, having come to their senses. But it is too late.

With Peter and Alex now a couple, Christian and Jacqueline are left to lament.

And as the stage lights are turned down, we are drawn full circle to the very beginning of the musical.

We revisit Regrets with a reprise. Jacqueline kills herself on stage and the musical comes to its dramatic close.


Next time we will visit the opening scene. warmly welcomes your comments.

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