All things must pass

This evening’s edition of A FLat Major goes out to my Uncle Peter and our unborn child who have both sadly passed in the last month. 

Little Child

We walked along a meandering stream

I took your little hand in mine

Here along the stream there was nothing to confine

No earthly limits to set aside or sigh over

I got to hold you in my arms

Because after all, you were mine.

But things aren’t always what they seem

Sometimes events just aren’t meant to be

We must sometimes let go of what we dream

And with this our dream disappears.

Oh little child tender and small,

How glad I am that we had you at all

The brief fleeting moment of joy

Knowing you will always be apart of us.

The day that I heard, you appeared in my dreams

Nonno was there to guide you home

Little child that we never knew

Not yet born, forever in our hearts

(C) Christopher McLeod 08-05-2012 warmly welcomes your comments.

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