A Tale of Two Loves

And so it goes, the cold wind behind us.

Reminding us of what we once had

We trek down the long and winding backroads

Across pikes and farms yet discovered.

Good evening all, it has been a long time since I last wrote. Many journeys have been undertaken on this road we call life.The end of February dawned and so came Journalism in all its glory. A new world to explore. Far west away from all that I had known before.

Fear gripped me as I took those first tentative steps into a new career path that I know has forever changed who I am. My very essence has been transformed by the journey. There are memories and friends I will treasure throughout my career. And along the way there have been some surprising new twists with music.

I am sure that when it is all over, when this year has come to its end, that there will be a great chasm between what has gone before and what will henceforth pass afterwards.

The Ken Burns film series The Civil War has been the soundtrack of my life these past few months. I know now, more than I ever did before, that I am apart of something great. Something bigger than us all. I am apart of the fabric that makes the public sphere, our democratic conventions what they are. And more than ever, I know that my sense of social justice is fueling my journey as a journalist. And at the same time my love of music compels me to continue to do what is right by my students.

To do what is right and continue to nurture their abilities, their talent so that they may continue the great legacy we have inherited in these modern times. Times that are truly extraordinary. We have seen the greatest economic crisis since the great depression. The world is facing an existential crisis in the form of global warming. Our environment is dire need of protection. It is our duty as custodians to restore what we have destroyed. And through it all, we are making history.

As an after thought, I will leave you with Ashokan Farewell composed by Jay Ungar and Molly Mason.

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