Across The Wilderness

Across the wilderness the voice echoes chasing away the plethora like a catharsis in the centrefold.

She dresses again from the nakedness of the previous night not sure where she has been

Her femininity pulsates radiating her seductive aroma

Like flowers her scent pulsates to her lover

The night before he had scored with her making his night’s ambitions and desires complete

And across the wilderness the voice echoes chasing away their plethora

A catharsis in the centrefold like an unsmoked cigarette

A wind across a wilderness like a voice

A voice crying out to be heard though no one listens

Regrets from a night of passion lead to regrets for the years

Triumphs from a night of passion lead to doubt and emptiness

A voice distant can be heard but not heeded

A night of passion leads to years of commitments

In the night her little one cries for a moment’s attention

Her lover flees not able to face his defeats

A night of passion, years of regrets

In the wilderness cries the voice, desperate to be heard, desperate to be heeded

And like a plethora a catharsis passes like a reticule, never complete but never unfinished

Across the wind, across the plains

(C) 2012, Christopher McLeod

The first time I heard Adele I was hungover and my first thought was: Oh my God she’s smashing all that perfectly good crockery. Funny enough was the fact that advertising gimmick got me hooked and I was back for more, scouring you tube and itunes like a scavenger. The raw power and emotion in her voice and songs drew me to something that is often lacking in the modern world of ‘pop’ music.

In some ways I blame my age, I am getting old and my taste in music is becoming more conservative. It isn’t always rock and or roll anymore, the joints are aching and I swear I forgot my name the other day… At the end of the day, Adele is a good old fashioned singer who can carry a tune and brings some musicality to the well crafted package. In the old days it was called panache. It does bring to mind some of the negative media coverage that Adele has received.

The crux of the story is that Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld has called Adele “fat”. In an interview for Metro his direct quote was: “The thing at the moment is Adele. She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice,” The full story can be found on Rolling Stone’s website (link below).

Read more:

So the question becomes this: should weight be a detractor to musical talent? Or should fashion designers stick to fashion and leave music to the musicians? And also, why do our leading ladies and female public figures face more discrimination for their looks than their male counterparts? Aren’t we actually setting up completely unrealistic expectations for our girls and young woman? Whilst I’m not advocating that everyone should walk around like drunken slobs, I think we need to be realistic. Looking at pictures of Adele, I think she is beautiful and presents herself well. From what I can see she is confident in herself. And at the end of the day this is what it comes down to.

I watched my father mistreat my sister for years in respect to the above and I have this to say to men out there: Your daughters are precious, they deserve your respect so that they can grow up to be the confident citizens that they deserve. But all that aside, as musicians and music critics we should be focusing on talent and not purely on looks. There are plenty of centerfold pop divas out there that can’t sing. Maybe all that auto-tune filtering should be focused instead of looks.

In many ways we have come so far in being tolerant to those who are diferent, In some ways we haven’t. There’s still so much to learn….

The Wolffster will leave this editorial with a personal favourite of mine: Adele, Someone like you warmly welcomes your comments.

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